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Novels that bring the twilight years of the
Roman Empire to life

Surgeon Getorius Asterius and his wife Arcadia, the eunuch archpriest of a pagan fertility cult, a female head of a heretical Arian church, and an ambitious senator in league with a Chinese merchant are the prime movers of this mystery set a Ravenna, Italy, in A.D. 440. When Getorius is summoned to examine the castrated body of a youth, (more . . . )

A Roman empress, a Roman surgeon and his trainee wife, an ambitious senator, a scheming abbot and a scholarly rabbi are the prime movers in this 5th century mystery.

When a “Last Will and Testament” of Jesus Christ is violently revealed, (more . . . )

As three Gothic tribes invade Gaul over the frozen Rhine River, at ancient Mainz, Treverius, Blandina and Presbyter Modestus struggle to discover why the murder of citizens named after martyred saints is occurring, who will be next, and how to protect potential victims of a seditious attempt to destabilize Roman Germania and set up a rival Gothic province. (more . . . )


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